The Capuchin to Cabrits National Park Trail

Areas of Interest

  • Cannor Heritage Park
  • Toucarie & Prince Rupert Bay
  • Conventional bay oil & cassava processing plants
  • Cabrits National Park

Segment 14, the last Segment of the Waitukubuli National Trail is another breath taking segment which takes four (4) hours to be completed approximately 10 km and is said to be a moderate hike.

It begins at Capuchin and takes one along the small coastal villages of Toucarie, Cottage, Clifton, and Tane Tane and then culminates one’s adventurous journey of the Waitukubuli National Trail at the Cabrits National Park (commonly known as Fort Shirley). Segment 14 boasts natural attractions such as the Bell Hall Beach and the Toucarie Beach Front.

Other areas of interest include the old church, stony beach, traditional fishing boats, several old estates, the Research Plot, Clemson University, a bay oil production factory and other species of the flora and fauna. There are six (6) vegetation types located on the segment.

Update 2 February, 2017:

Segment 14 from Capuchin to Cabrits has been re-routed due to ongoing construction at the Cabrits Resort Kempinski in Portsmouth. Effective immediately, the route will continue onto the main road from the Douglas Bay area in Portsmouth, otherwise known as Belle Hall Beach, bypassing the previous trail alongside the beach. This route will continue straight in a southerly direction for a three-quarter mile and then proceed right onto the road which leads to Cabrits National Park near Monty’s Fish Grill & Bar. The route continues into the Cabrits National Park, ending near the Officer’s Quarters at Fort Shirley.  The Waitukubuli National Trail Management Unit thanks everyone for their understanding in this matter and apologizes for any inconveniences caused.

Level of Difficulty : Moderate

Segment 14 Profile

Contact Information Regular Room Campground
Edith and Michael Vital (Home-stay), Cottage

Tel: 1 767 445 4309 or 1 767 276 8939

Forest View Guest House, Gillette

Tel: 1 767 445 6284 or 1 767 225 7083

Manicou River Resort Ltd., Tanetane Portsmouth

Tel: 1 767 616 8903

Price varies depending on the season

Thoughts on “Segment Fourteen”

  1. pc says:

    Once you get to the end of the trail, what transportation options are available to get you back to the trailhead at Segment 1? Thanks!

    1. admin says:

      Good day

      There are two options available to you.
      1) From Portsmouth catch a bus. Dominica has a reliable public transportation system consisting of primarily private minibus operators. Bus stops can be found at designated points throughout the city depending on your destination. The bus fares are standardized and ranges from EC$1.50 to EC$10.25 according the specific route. Bus rotation is fairly frequent throughout the day, but this method of transportation is not suitable for night travel. Please note that buses run from Portsmouth to Roseau, this would mean you would have to take another bus to Scotts Head.

      2) You could call a taxi. Please see link to Dominica Taxis site.
      Calling in advanced would be best.


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